Friday, August 14, 2015


If you are considering visiting this great city with a child in diapers, think again!!! Oh Big Apple, your concrete jungle fills my eyes with wonder, my thoughts with splendor, my feet with pain and my prayers of changing tables! We took this trip with our travel buddies De and Somaiya. We have had so many adventures together and this was the first with kids. It was an experience to say the least. Our last trip involved hitting the club in Rome and getting kicked out of an H&M in Barcelona. Stories for another time perhaps. Their son's name is Liam and he turned 9 months in the city that never sleeps. Though there was no turn up, it was a fun none the less!!

This was probably the only angle I could shoot and not expose your eyes to the hot mess around us! #timesquare

Wake up ma'm, your going to miss your stop!

Our mornings started on the hotel's terrace with the Chrysler building in our sites.

Taking a stroll through the street market.

Seriously? Grape fruit with a flamed sugar coating! This place on the upper west side was amazing.

"Walking down the street with my froyo"!! Ok it's not froyo and we're not in Compton, but I'm itching to see that movie! Instead it was an scrumptious green tea and lime sherbet and we were walking around none other than Carrie's neighborhood. Don't you dare ask me which Carrie!!!

These two were living the life!

This was the face Liam was serving with EVERY picture taken.

Turn down for what? Umm because we have no babysitter's in the city! We were exhausted from the shear search for changing tables!!! Tip for traveling to big metropolitan cities such as NYC with an infant/toddler, bring a towel from your hotel for a mock changing pad. I kid you not, Somaiya was a genius for this. Although you may have a small changing pad in your diaper bag, you don't want to place that on these bathroom floors when there is no changing table. A little extra cushion for your babies diaper pushin'!

Getting wild on the hotel terrace!

Day 3 involved more walking and some very particular smells.

Dominican Ice on every block in the Bronx, where do I sign up?

"I ain't afraid of no goat."

We snuck in a bus tour on our last day and also a really good sandwich.

It was hard leaving this face, we miss our friends dearly! But we are so grateful that God allowed us to have friends who don't believe the fun and traveling has to stop just because you start a family. Bring them along or leave them at Grandma and Grandpa's, but don't give up on seeing the world. You owe it to yourself and spouse to continue enjoying life together. Make your own rules when it comes to your family. We will be seeing the Cajuste's again soon, next month we head to Aruba for some adult fun!! Now excuse me while I make every excuse not to go to the gym, ugh, Lord give me the will power!!! 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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