Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Noelle's 18 Month Photo Shoot

Noelle is a growing faster than a speeding bullet! We cannot believe our sweet sugar plum is a year and a half. She is all kinds of sassy and can definitely sprinkle on the spice when she feels necessary. We were so excited to capture her essence with our friend and photographer Natalie Suner. 

 This has to be my favorite picture! Her eyes are so big and bright, I could stare into them forever. She is wearing one of our favorite new headbands from a really cute Etsy shop SophiaCo

Thanks Natalie! We are so excited to work with you again!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Date Nights

Date nights!!! I can't tell you how excited they make Tj and I! To get away for a few hours alone hasn't always come so easy to us. We've met some major challenges, including moving across country to a place we know NO ONE. I thought I'd start posting about date night ideas, outfits and some fun make up tips now since we do the damn thang. Excuse the length of this one, they won't all be this long but I promise there are lots of pics to go with!!

 In the last two weeks we've been on three dates, this is certainly not our usual but we could not pass up the fun that was happening here. So how do you start leaving the cutest face you've ever laid eyes on to go on a date with your spouse? I would be lying through my fingers if I told you that it was easy, especially when you don't have family or friends you can trust to watch them. If you are blessed enough to have either or both of those people around, USE THEM! Most of your friends and family would love nothing more than to play and snuggle with your adorable kid. I'm not sure if our values are the same but I strongly believe in putting my marriage extremely high on my list only second to Christ. Your children would love nothing more than to have two parents madly in love! It's not only healthy for the both of you but your family as a whole.

Tj and I really struggled when we first moved to San Diego, Noelle was 5 months old and we knew no one. We thought there was no way we were going to leave our baby with someone we didn't  know. We had a few date nights thanks to our family coming to visit. We probably went out a handful of times for the 5 months we lived there.  When we made the move to Denver and Noelle got a little older we knew something would have to give. Not only did we need to find someone so we could get the heck out of the house but we also needed someone to care for Noelle a couple times a week while I was at work. Daddy day care needed some revising so we had to make a decision. Now it definitely wasn't a popular one by any means, but one we had to pray about and move forward. I know there are stories, but we couldn't base the entire website off a couple of stories that we had heard through the great vine. We had also heard of people having some really good experiences using it. All I can say is it worked for us! We found a day time sitter and a date night sitter, both whom Noelle loves.

Ok enough about that, let's talk date night ideas!! Moving to Denver has been one of the best decisions ever in regards to stuff to do. There is NEVER a shortage. Wherever you live, keep you ear to the streets. Find websites, social media pages, anything that keeps you plugged in to what is going on in your surrounding areas. Living in downtown Denver has made this super easy. Our apartment gives out weekly event flyers and we see signs everywhere we drive for fun events coming to Denver. Now dinner and a movie is always a good staple but switch it up!! Do something you've never done together, and it doesn't always have to be at night.

For this date night we found this event called "Denver Cruiser Ride" that happens every week during the summer. They meet at a bar and ride a different route ever week. People soup up their bicycles and go all out, and the best part is there is a theme to accompany each week, the one we attended was freak show. Don't go judging our outfit, we had zero time to pull this together and I was ashamed, so very ashamed, I would have been all over this! The end meeting place is lined with food trucks and live music. It was so much fun and we can't wait to attend another one. Preferably when the theme is "People of Walmart".
By the way we have new friends!!! Natalie and Andy :)

Date night #2 was the Nicki Minaj concert. I am not a huge fan of hers but it was something to do. I ended up being really happy we went, she put on a great show and her opening acts were well known (in the hip hop world) and also put on really entertaining performances.

Date night #3, I was stoked for this one. Though it was just dinner, it was an opportunity that doesn't come around all that often and I am all about opportunities like this one. Dining under the lights was the name of the event. It was on a historical street in downtown Denver where the street is lined with stringing lights. We had never eaten at Ocean Prime and you know I'm always down for some good grub #savagelife!

Here's what I wore.

My whole outfit is from H&M and shoes are most similar to the one's I linked. Mine are older but also from Nine West! I was so excited to buy girlfriend jeans, I've been wanting to own a pair and they are super comfortable! Though I didn't take a great picture of my makeup, I did a heavier eye with pale pink lips. 

I have always been a big fan of simple outfits, accessorized with a great bold eye or lip. I am as minimal as they come, though I love to have one thing that pops! I like for my outfit to speak for itself and not be overshadowed by too much jewelry. I only wore small black and gold hoops with this look. You can get a great idea of my style from my Pinterest board here!

I promise I will get better with taking pics of my makeup and giving you the details on what I used. Let me know if you like this post!! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Happenings

Three days off in a row on a weekend is always a good thing. Especially when it doesn't involve packing and unpacking. Though my house looks that way, please don't mind the mess. Dad was away Friday so it was a girl's day. Starting with trying on Mommy's swim suit tops and dancing to "Classic Man" which you may have caught on my instagram (@mrshazleyandababy).

After bumming it for a few hours we headed out to lunch. It was a beautiful day in Denver so eating outside was a must! Of course as the waitress approached Noelle yelled "no". As to warn her not to take another step. Lord, this child!! 

Next stop, Elitch Gardens (Denver's theme park) where we have season passes. Noelle wasn't very interested in the views but she loves riding the rides. I love that this place is nestled right in downtown.

Nelly's Headband

Friday night, I actually found a movie Noelle was interested in, Ratatouille! She watched the majority of it, just dipping out the last 20 minutes. What movies will your kids sit still for?

Saturday morning we picked up Dad from the airport and snowboard shopping commenced. We're trying to get a jump start on the sales before the new season stuff comes out. As you can see by the tiny hand, someone was only interested in the waffle on a stick. But can you blame her? She is her Mother's child. #SavageLife

That afternoon, Noelle and I had the pleasure of shooting with our friend Natalie Suner!!! I cannot wait to share the great shots she took of our Sugar Mama!

Saturday night= Date night

One of the things I was really looking forward to this summer was having the chance to "dine under the lights" on Larimer street. A historical street in downtown Denver known for fine dining and shopping. I made these reservations over a month ago and I was so excited to eat at Ocean Prime for the first time. The street was filled with all the restaurants that lined this strip. Our dinner time was perfect as we watched the sun go down. The meal was amazing, though I must had bumped my head when I let the waitress talk me out of getting the mac and cheese. The jalapeno potatoes were just ok to me. I have become a huge fan of my filet's with a blue cheese crust or butter! Mmmmm!!!!!!!!

I wanted so badly to end this date with the new movie "Straight Outta Compton" but the tickets were sold out for the next two showings. So we hit up Jazz @ Jack's for the second time and the performance did not disappoint. These people are amazing!!


Sunday we FINALLY made it back to our church after being gone for about a month. It felt so great to be back. We found a soul food joint and Noelle was surprisingly a big fan of the fried okra!

Hope everyone is having a great start to their week!!