Monday, July 13, 2015

Our Anniversary Weekend + Fourth of July

We celebrated our Anniversary early in DR but for the actual day (6/26) we wanted to do something local! I planned the day and Tj the night. We got up early that morning and drove 2 hours to the Royal Gorge Route Train. The ride was 2 hours and they serviced breakfast.

We had breakfast in the Vista Dome cart with great views of the mountains.

There was an open cart and the weather was awesome!

Maybe a little hot for these two.

Tj made the best dinner choice in LIFE!!!!!! Elway's in downtown Denver, as in John Elway. It was a tough run for our favorite after Mastro's in Beverly Hills. I almost hurt myself trying to finish it. The food was matched by the incredible service we received. 

Day dreaming…..

The next day we went to the Taco Festival! Denver is a great place to enjoy food. 

If you saw this picture on my Instagram (@mrshazleyandababy) then you know I was pretty impressed by this funnel cake on a stick, especially since I can never finish a regular one by myself. 

For the 4th, I had to work the day before and of so not much planning went into what we would get into. We ended up going a local park to wait on the fireworks display. But after about an hour and a half wait and being unsure of the actual start time, our bellies were rumbling and we had to surrender or great spot for a food hunt. Of course 15 minutes after leaving they began and we had to settle for watching them through the cracks of some buildings. Surprisingly, Noelle did great but at the finale with people screaming and clapping it was enough to make her upset.

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