Thursday, July 16, 2015

29 In Chicago Part 1

The second stop on our #summerofvacations was good ol' Chi-town! Hello Beautiful!!!! This was our second time in Chicago and we had always planned to come back for the taste! We were so excited to be here. We got off the plane, put our bags down and headed to the food. 

There's no sleeping at the taste!!!!

Noelle was eager to get down and explore the city. Too many things to see and she didn't want to do it from her stroller.

Day 2 was my birthday (7/10)!! 

What better way to celebrate than with family and more food!!!


Up next, the Cubs vs. White Sox game!

After the game we met up with Tj's sister and family who also planned to come to Chicago this summer so we came at the same time!!!!

Continued in part 2….

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