Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 Year Anniversary Celebration In D.R

God has been so merciful and his blessings upon our lives never ceases to amaze me. Traveling has always been our favorite thing to do since our first trip together to the Bahamas while dating for 2 months. Being married to him has opened my eyes to so many things that I could have never imagined God would do for me. Besides constantly being reminded that I married the most amazing man, I get to see the world with him. We get to experience God's wonders and appreciate all that we have here living in America. Tj and I will be celebrating 5 years of marriage at the end of this month. We have been beyond blessed to spend our anniversary in different parts of the country and world every year. This year we celebrated a little early and invited our parents along for the ride. And because they were to come, we couldn't leave Nelly behind this time. Unfortunately my parents ran into some road blocks regarding their passports and weren't able to make it. Tj's parents made the trip so Nelly got another stamp in her little blue book. This year the destination was the Dominican Republic. 

We stayed at the Riu Palace Punta Cana, Bavaro. The RIU has been our favorite all exclusive resort for many vacations now!

Our room and view were amazing.

Nelly thought she'd order up some room service before we hit the pool.

Noelle's Swimsuit 

It was really nice to have dinner by ourselves, taking the Grandparents was a great idea!

Usually on our vacations Tj and I are very adventurous and do lots of excursions but this time was more laid back. We did lots of lounging by the pool and beach. Day 2 was no exception. 

My curls were on fleek in this humidity!

 After our couples massage, another must on our vacations.

 On our last day we were able to do one excursion and we took turns going so the others could watch Noelle. We went the second half of the day so first it was chilling by the pool! Unfortunately all this fun in the sun didn't agree with us. My mother and the sun do not get along, he is also no friend of mine, and he and Noelle didn't play nicely either. She broke out from her sunscreen or the sun, or both. We use California Baby Sunscreen for her, which is supposed to be super sensitive so who knows.

This picture was right before the melt down of the century! Someone was in desperate need of a nap and she was quick to let us know it. She went for 0 to 100 REAL QUICK! I have definitely been guilty of looking at other people and saying to myself, "they really ought to get that kid under control". Well the joke was on me, so were all the eyes. I tried my best to calm her by walking around, but the sun was getting to her. We rushed upstairs to the room for a long, cool nap.

Our turn!

 We drove to this beautiful cave where they invited us to take a dip, get your life if you thought I got in…..cause I did!!

 The water was freezing and aside from the possibility of breaking your neck on the way down the stairs, it was something I'm glad I experienced.

 We encountered so many children on the side of the road, waving and wanting to give us high fives. They also learned in English "one dollar please?". They seemed so happy even with so little, a humbling experience for sure.

We got cleaned up just in time for dinner and a show on our last night. 

<3   6-26-10   <3

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