Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mother's Day

This week has been pretty nuts and next week will be also but I wanted to drop in and let you all know how my Mother's Day went! The weekend started off great, with me coming home to flowers Friday after work. On Saturday it rained just about the ENTIRE day until it snowed later that night. Yes, it snowed, super annoying but we made the best of it by heading to a professional lacrosse game. It was surprisingly really exciting, though Noelle didn't think so, taking a nap in the middle of the action. She is always so calm in these crazy settings with fire works and loud noises. She never cries and just looks around amazed by all the ruckus. We went to church on Sunday and then went out for a great lunch.

My Mother's Day gift was to be collected this past Wednesday, at the Jessie J concert. This would be our second time seeing her. We saw her a couple years ago in LA at the Roxy when we lived in Orange, County. 

She was just as amazing as the last time. The pipes on this girl are stupid, she is so talented and I love seeing people in concert and they sound just like the record or even better. She never disappoints! 

"You are my favorite" 

I hope everyone had a blessed Mother's Day!!! 

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