Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mother's Day

This week has been pretty nuts and next week will be also but I wanted to drop in and let you all know how my Mother's Day went! The weekend started off great, with me coming home to flowers Friday after work. On Saturday it rained just about the ENTIRE day until it snowed later that night. Yes, it snowed, super annoying but we made the best of it by heading to a professional lacrosse game. It was surprisingly really exciting, though Noelle didn't think so, taking a nap in the middle of the action. She is always so calm in these crazy settings with fire works and loud noises. She never cries and just looks around amazed by all the ruckus. We went to church on Sunday and then went out for a great lunch.

My Mother's Day gift was to be collected this past Wednesday, at the Jessie J concert. This would be our second time seeing her. We saw her a couple years ago in LA at the Roxy when we lived in Orange, County. 

She was just as amazing as the last time. The pipes on this girl are stupid, she is so talented and I love seeing people in concert and they sound just like the record or even better. She never disappoints! 

"You are my favorite" 

I hope everyone had a blessed Mother's Day!!! 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Cinco De Mayo Weekend/Date Night

Last weekend was a great one for sports and tacos. We headed over to Civic Park for the Cinco De Mayo Festival. There was live music and tortillas for days, the smell was incredible.

Tj and I had a date night and went to watch the boxing match. It was insane and most places were standing room only. Though the fight was a bit disappointing our night out wasn't :)

I am so excited for my second Mother's Day tomorrow and thanking God for a healthier one than last year! Happy Mother's Day and I hope you all have a blessed day!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Eating Our Way Through The Neighborhood

We are now settled in our new apartment, with just a few more details to finish. It is still hard to believe we'll be here for a year. It just seems so permanent. I never thought I'd be living in Denver. We've been exploring our surroundings and completely fell off the wagon when it comes to eating healthy. There are so many choices for food just steps, literally steps from our apartment door. Our apartment has a great gym and we need to get in there before things get out of hand. 

From crawfish pastry pies, taco Tuesday's, burger bars and a milk shake that I cannot keep my paws off (neither can Noelle) this is going to be a long lease.

I need to gain some self control and FAST! We've got some swim suit worthy vacations coming very soon and I need to get my life together. 

We are so interested to find out how our lives here will unfold here. God has come through yet again and I am extended for work through June. Keep me in your prayers as we wait to see what God has in store for us. I cannot wait to decorate a entire new home, my pinterest board is popping with all sorts of inspiration of the Joanna and Chip variety. Until then we have to make our our apartment feel like home without purchasing any expensive furniture until we are in a house. Here are a couple of pictures of our current space.

Our apartment has a long hall way entry which isn't ideal for space but we wanted to get something to hide our shoes and house our keys. This piece from Ikea was perfect.

 I had never owned a futon before San Diego but it has been a great in between until we get a more permanent situation.

This little area was a new addition and I love it. Just a little something to enjoy coffee at, blog or get a little reading on. 

We finally visited the animal refuge recently and it was nice but I wanted to get closer, but I guess that wouldn't have been the safest thing.