Sunday, April 19, 2015

Orlando Fun

I'm warning you this is going to be a looooonnnnggg post with LOTS of pictures, actually going to split it into two post! We had an such a good time on this trip home. Got to see lots of friends and family so the pictures and memories were endless. 

Of course my first stop Saturday morning was to Liz, my friend and hairstylist. She colored my hair in a dark eggplant so that it won't be high maintenance when it starts to grow out. This month marks 6 months since cutting all my hair off so she trimmed it as well. You may be able to see the hint of color later on in the pics. Saturday afternoon I met up with my bride to be friend Latoya to officially say YES to her dress and check out some bridesmaid dresses. I am so honored to be her Matron of Honor in her upcoming nuptials and let me just say, I cannot wait to see her in this dress next year, GORGEOUS!!! We followed up with a trip to Orlando's own B's Cupcakes to celebrate a successful wedding prep day.

That night I had dinner with Sheontee and Blair, my bestie's, my DAY ONE's, my Ace's, you get the point, I love them. Always lots of laughs and stories!

While I was having a fabulous day with friends on Saturday, Tj and Noelle went to St. Pete to hang out with his family, so sad I missed them but it looked like they had a great time. And there was no way my nephews were missing that trip to play with Solomon and Sakai. 

Sunday was the big day, my friend Joanne turned flirty thirty and she had a birthday dinner (more like a mini wedding) that was absolutely beautiful!!! It was a reuniting of our Hot Mama 2K14 group and I got see all those beautiful babies better known as NC3L. Joanne was STUNNING and looked nothing over 21. The theme was Chanel No. 30, so cute right? Everyone was decked out in black and white attire to celebrate 3 decades of this kind hearted woman.

Don't mind my tag, ugh!

Photo booths should be a must at every party!

Part two soon to follow!

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