Sunday, April 19, 2015

Orlando Fun Part Deux

On that Monday me and Nelly got a chance to hit the beach with Liz, Joanne and the kids. I got a special treat when I met up with Jo, some crème brûlée macaroons, I love me some crème brûlée! Not a huge fan of macaroons but this one was bomb.  

Carise was not happy her Mom went back to the car, but I couldn't help myself and took a picture of her beautiful yet sad face. Look at that little tear. Ezra has gotten so big, such a handsome boy. I've got tell you it is hard sometimes when I think about not being in Orlando and having play dates with all these sweet babies. I miss them so much and had so many high hopes for our kids growing up together. I realize God's plans are better than mine but I hope he'll put some other sweet Mama's and babies in our lives.

My baby's eyes seem to be super sensitive to the sun like her Momma and how cute is Carise? I can't take it!

After the beach Joanne and I hit up the spot that I've been hearing about for weeks, Quickly. The crawfish bites were insanely good, better than they were described to me. Carise opened up to us and even let me hold her!!

 Our last night in Orlando my Mom threw down and we spent some quality time with my family. On Tuesday we stopped to see everyone before heading to the airport.

 Uncle Lawrence

With Great-Grandma Sallie.

Happy girl with Granddaddy!

It's always crazy coming home trying to squeeze in so many visits and we never make it to everyone but we'll be back soon enough to catch everyone we missed. I promise you Nemours, I'm coming to you first next time :) We love you all so dearly and Orlando will always have our hearts. 

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