Thursday, April 23, 2015

Elle's 13 & 14 Month Update

It's been a long time since I've updated you on Ms. Nelly so before she turns 15 months next week here it is. I never imagined I'd say "No" and "Stop" so much EVER. I've read articles that say you shouldn't say no all the time and just redirect the child to the desired behavior. That sounds great and all but once you have redirected your child after 3 times, damn it, I'm saying NO. Noelle is so fun and I can't believe that I was ever sad about having a toddler. She is into everything of course and has so much more personality. Although I am so excited to hear her form sentences, I can wait, things are going fast enough. She's got 8 teeth with 4 molars on the way. She will try any food once and salmon may be her favorite food.

She's a total chatter box and says, of course Dada and Mama, cheese, stop, bye bye, hi, alright and all done. She loves Siri, car keys, taking things out of all the cabinets, closing doors, going through my purse (still) and pitching the necks of anyone who holds her. This is girl is full of energy and will shriek when she's really excited. I feel like I am always saying "Tj look", at which point she turns to look at him with a huge grin on her face. She is a mess and she knows it. She has just recently stopped shooting units at strangers. Instead now she smiles when someone admires her. 

Putting the wine corks under the stove.

She got in there all by herself. 

Little miss independent is all about doing things on her own (except walking) and does not like being helped at times and feeding herself is an example. 

She is very affectionate and loves to love on us. She gives hugs when asked and will pat our backs.

I was really hoping that we wouldn't have to deal with melt downs this early but we were in Ikea the other day….and it happened. She lost it after being taken out of a bin that we were rolling her around in. This random lady comes up to us and asked Noelle if she's hungry. Really ma'm? Yes, she's starving, we don't feed her. At that moment it would have been so perfect for Noelle to have a Kevin Hart moment, "my mama told me to tell you to mind yo………"!!! Anyway, Noelle won, kind of.

We are working on getting off the bottle completely. She currently uses a sippy cup but for water only. Are there any cups that you all use and really like? As I have mentioned Noelle is not yet walking. She is standing but is still not ready to take that first step. Were any of your little people late bloomers at walking? 

Favorite Five
13 & 14 Months

This mat is so great for playing on but once your little one's figure out that they can take it apart, things can get a little messy. Tj taped the bottom of the mat to keep it from being ripped apart every 5 minutes. 
We just recently found this tent at Ikea and it is so much fun, we plan on getting some comfy material at  the bottom of it.
I LOVED my Baby K'tan wrap but as Noelle got bigger we needed something with more support. This carrier is so comfortable and takes the pressure off my shoulders and back, plus Tj looks good in it too! 
Noelle has lots of books but she loves the one's that she can touch and feel.
Noelle is starting to play make believe and this set is perfect to facilitate that :)


Anonymous said...

My daughter who is now 7, was considered developmentally delayed...long story short, after further testing she was diagnosed with a chromosomal translocation (chromosomes 1&16). As a result she did not begin walking until 18-20 months old. If she's attempting to stand then no worries, but of course inform your PA should you be concerned.

As far as the sippy cup....I was told by my daughter's speech pathologist (age 2) to avoid the sippy and go straight to a straw or open cup after transitioning from a bottle....according to her the child's articulation is affected. I have an 19 month old who uses a sippy when on the go, but otherwise a straw or open cup are used with assistance.

As a note, my 7 yo daughter uses sign language as her means of communication as a result of speech delays as it relates to her genetic disorder.

Also, as a teacher we're taught to use positive reinforcement. So, yes instead of saying "no, don't run", you'd say "use your walking feet". Another tip would be to begin giving her choices: when playing, ask "which would you like to play with first?". You can also begin teaching her signs for milk, eat, so when she wants it she has to sign or mimic a sound before receiving it. This will teach her the connection between her wants and needs.

By the way that circus tent from Ikea is frequently used in my home as storytime with my girls.

Cherish these moments as they will only be a memory someday!

Blessings to you and your family!


Yoni LB said...

OMG OMG OMG she is soooo adorable. Just want to hold, and squeeze, and love on her.

Unknown said...

Love love love her! She makes me want one! Xoxo