Thursday, April 23, 2015

Elle's 13 & 14 Month Update

It's been a long time since I've updated you on Ms. Nelly so before she turns 15 months next week here it is. I never imagined I'd say "No" and "Stop" so much EVER. I've read articles that say you shouldn't say no all the time and just redirect the child to the desired behavior. That sounds great and all but once you have redirected your child after 3 times, damn it, I'm saying NO. Noelle is so fun and I can't believe that I was ever sad about having a toddler. She is into everything of course and has so much more personality. Although I am so excited to hear her form sentences, I can wait, things are going fast enough. She's got 8 teeth with 4 molars on the way. She will try any food once and salmon may be her favorite food.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Orlando Fun Part Deux

On that Monday me and Nelly got a chance to hit the beach with Liz, Joanne and the kids. I got a special treat when I met up with Jo, some crème brûlée macaroons, I love me some crème brûlée! Not a huge fan of macaroons but this one was bomb.  

Orlando Fun

I'm warning you this is going to be a looooonnnnggg post with LOTS of pictures, actually going to split it into two post! We had an such a good time on this trip home. Got to see lots of friends and family so the pictures and memories were endless. 

Of course my first stop Saturday morning was to Liz, my friend and hairstylist. She colored my hair in a dark eggplant so that it won't be high maintenance when it starts to grow out. This month marks 6 months since cutting all my hair off so she trimmed it as well. You may be able to see the hint of color later on in the pics. Saturday afternoon I met up with my bride to be friend Latoya to officially say YES to her dress and check out some bridesmaid dresses. I am so honored to be her Matron of Honor in her upcoming nuptials and let me just say, I cannot wait to see her in this dress next year, GORGEOUS!!! We followed up with a trip to Orlando's own B's Cupcakes to celebrate a successful wedding prep day.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Our Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a busy one for us. We moved into our new apartment so packing and unpacking was the name of the game. On Saturday we attended the Storyline Easter EGGtravaganza. Noelle enjoyed her first bag of Cheetos and we were schooled on the art of "aeration". I gave Nelly her Easter basket early Saturday morning which as mostly composed of dollar store finds. I figured I'd better take advantage of this age before she starts asking for makeup in these baskets, Lord I hope that is a LONG time from now. 

THIS is aeration, something these Floridans knew nothing about and definitely mistaked for dog business. We kind of figured it wasn't when we saw every sprawled out on the lawn.

Sunday morning we went to church and became official members at Storyline. After church has always been dinner at my parent's or my Grandma's house but this time was a little different. We tried a BBQ joint near us and it was so good. It wasn't Mom's cooking but it still did the job.

Noelle's dress and sweater are from Gap and we were gifted this adorable headband by our friend Joanne which you can find here

We are still getting settled into the new place and have some storage issues to solve but we love the building. Hope everyone has a good weekend!