Monday, March 30, 2015

The Hazley's Are Moving To…..

……downtown! WE'RE OFFICIALLY MOVING TO DENVER!!! Yep, we had no idea God was leading us here to put down roots. We had all sorts of plans to continue the travel nursing gig until Noelle was about 2 years old with NYC and San Fran big on our list. We are sure that God had a good laugh when we made these plans. I can't say that I was completely secure with this news. I cried my eyes out one night before bed to Tj, it had just became all too real. But when I tell you about how God set this up, you will understand why I'm at peace about leaving my family, friends and church back home. 

As soon as we found out we got an assignment in Denver my Mother told us about a new church that would be starting here. We were excited that we'd have somewhere to worship consistently (when I wasn't working).  The first time we visited this church there was an instant warmth and love we felt. Not long after moving here there were some changes involving Tj's company. The changes left us unsure of his future working from home. Little did we know that after weeks of praying and waiting God would reveal his plan for us here in Denver. It was more than we could have ever imagined.

My job on the other hand is another story…..God is still currently working out the details. I was originally scheduled to complete my contract at the end of March and fortunately was able to extend until the end of April. They do not hire for straight day shift, they only hire rotating days and nights and straight nights at Children's Hospital Colorado. Well there is NO way I am working night shift, not a one, for several different reasons. One of those being that I would surely be fired for sleeping on the job. So currently I am working on my resume and seeing what is out there. I've heard people say "so you guys are moving and you don't really have a job yet"? Well that's the thing about faith, if God has worked out every small detail of this move why wouldn't he work out my job situation JUST because he hasn't done it YET? It's time out for me to be worried about things that God has already promised he was going to do. I remember while traveling a few years ago I got a new job on the LAST day of my current contract. I was soooo worried at the time, stressed and a complete wreck over the fact that we may have to move back to Orlando because I couldn't find another travel assignment.  He sent us to Orange County, California, where I met some of the nicest and most genuine coworkers I've ever had. 

God doesn't always reveal his plans for us in our timing. I mean could you imagine God revealing to you how your life would look in ten years, heck even one? You'd probably lose your marbles. Much like this move, I am grateful he didn't reveal moving to Denver before he did because I probably would have fought it tooth and nail. Just weeks before we got the news I told Tj that I "think" I may be ok with not moving back to Orlando. So while everyone at work tells me that there's no way I'll be able to get a full time day position, I just 'smile and nod' (like we use to say at Nemours) because God hasn't yet revealed his plan for me yet and I'm okay with it. I know whatever it is it will be what's best for my family. 

We are currently packing up our current apartment (which I am so ashamed I never posted pictures of) and preparing to move into our new amazing apartment in the heart of downtown Denver. This place is sick and it took looking at 10-15 other apartment buildings to find it. Tj had given up on the search and the day we found this apartment, we were on our way to sign the lease at an apartment we saw weeks ago with an awful view of another building. Tj had done all the research, I just tagged along to look and said "nope, not enough natural light". Haha!! Thankfully Mr. Hazley is very patient and wants nothing more than to make his woman happy :) We have "plans" to buy a complete fixer upper and totally Joanna and Chip that bad boy!

We are SO excited to join Storyline Fellowship Church and make new friends. We invite all of our family and friends who haven't made it out to Denver yet to visit us in our new city and let us show you why we love this place. Parenting Noelle should be very interesting here. Teaching her things like not taking candy or cookies from anyone unless you see the package because of the eatables. I can't wait to see a Moose, but after watching 'when Moose attack' videos on YouTube I know to do it from a safe distance. And although we won't be traveling for work any longer we have some amazing trips planned this year, including Dominican Republic, Aruba, NYC, Costa Rica and possibly Chicago. I still pray that eventually my blog will be able to pick up some steam so I am able to devote more time and energy to writing. I'm so excited for all the things God hasn't yet revealed to us. In him we delight ourselves and we know he will give us the desires of our heart. 

There's so much stuff I'm excited to blog about coming up, including some updates on Noelle, our trip to Orlando in a couple of weeks and our new apartment that we'll be moving into this coming Easter weekend!!! Have a great week friends :))


Janine said...

when George went through the info cards from church last week, he said "The Hazleys" are joining the church. I whipped my head around so fast!! I'm so excited to hear this!!! I'll be praying for your job situation. Let us know if there is any way we can help with the transition.

Amanda Meadows said...

So excited for you Leah! Your faith is so encouraging to me. Can't wait for updates.

Emily said...

Amazing truth about leaving things to God and learning about true faith and patience. Very happy for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

My family will be relocating from Orlando to Alabama in a few weeks. Which route did you take to move your belongings (truck/trailer/pod)? My husband is doing some research, but I'm curious to know your route being you've traveled across several states....thanks for your suggestions!

MrsHazleyAndABaby said...

Hi :) We've only moved with minimal belongings, we have yet to get all of our stuff out of storage in Orlando. But we (meaning Tj) has driven pulling a Uhaul from Orlando to San Diego, we've shipped cars packed with stuff and flown ourselves, but have never done the pod thing. The have all seemed to work for us but again it has never been with ALL of our stuff. We will be tackling that once we move into a house. Shipping cars is expensive! Driving across country is not ideal unless you like that sort of adventure and if you already have a tow connect on your car because depending on your car that can get pricey. Hope this helps!