Monday, March 16, 2015

Full House

Recently Tj and Noelle had to leave for Orlando for an entire FIVE days!!!! I was left here in Denver and the first day or two was pretty nice. I took naps, watched old movies Tj would never agree to watch and danced around the house. After the third day I was completely over it. I spent lots of time praying and just bumming around. I also took advantage of our apartments gym and went to a workout class, The Body Barre, my friend Joanne told me about. Oh and then there was that time the fire alarm got pulled at 1am and I had to spend 30 minutes outside the apartment with my huge winter coat on. Only to come back inside and be woken up several more times as they tried to get the alarm to turn off completely. 

I was joined by Tj's sister Londa, her friend Roslyn and all the kids my last night alone. It was definitely welcomed company. We had a great day while we waited to pick up my loves from the airport. 

Gangs all here!

 Tj and I are trying to end our winter sport season with a bang, or a heart attack. We made our way to the highest lift we've ever been on. It didn't help that the seats didn't have a safety bar in front. On the way up Tj is freaking me out about how on his first time off the lift he ate it and shoulder was still hurting from the fall. As my heart is being heard in my ear drums I'm praying that we make it down this mountain back to our family. We both eat it on the way off the lift and get a good laugh….but the laughs cease when I see how far up we are.

We had a date night at the cutest restaurant in Denver before our guests left.


deejohnso98 said...

Wow, you took some great photos! We had a great time visiting you guys and seeing the snow. Thank you for welcoming us!

deejohnso98 said...

Wow, you took some great photos! We had a great time visiting Denver. Thanks for welcoming us!