Thursday, March 5, 2015

Denver Lately

Hey friends, just wanted to catch you up on some stuff we've done recently that I haven't had a chance to post about. There are so many things to do here and we have had a lot of fun trying to get to as many as possible. Things seem to be very dependent on weather here so I am excited to see what other things we may be able to get into as spring arrives (MOOSE, bring on the MOOSE). There was free admission at the zoo and it was perfect, I was off of work and it was a cozy 60 degrees, sounds crazy coming from a Florida girl. 

The snow storms lately have been way more frequent than our first two months here. I've overheard people saying that this is a "real Denver winter". The scariest part has been driving in this for sure. I've had a couple of really bad mornings going to work. 

Scraping the ice off windshields is for the birds and so are my gloves. My hands were hurting they were so cold.

If you saw my Instagram you know Hazley hit his head and suggested we go jogging in 14 degree weather. Apparently I hit mine too and said ok, problem was neither of us knew the temperature. Only after sprinting back to the car after 5 minutes did we check. Have you ever been so cold your bottom lip goes numb and you begin to slur your words like you had one too many?

During one of the snow storms we decided to visit the wildlife refuge. The visibility wasn't great but we still got to see some animals. 

A herd of Bison.

 We got a spend a little time with Dave and Alicia who were in town and you can probably guess what we did. 

 Tj and I have been spending a lot of time up here and quite frankly, we're feeling ourselves. Not sure if it's the altitude but we're definitely pushing each other to be more daring but this might be as high as I go. My legs were killing when we got down. Getting in my squats for the day (strong arm emoji). 

That night Tj and I called the babysitter and had a date night! I can soooo get use to this :) We went to a cute spot called Leña for dinner, they brought the check in the most unique way I've ever seen.

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