Tuesday, February 10, 2015

To The Mountains We Go

This past week we headed up to the mountains for some fun in the snow. We plan to take full advantage of all the winter activities. When we saw the opportunity to go dog sledding, there was no question, we were all about it. The dogs were so loud I was worried Noelle might get scared, but not a chance. The ride was 45 minutes and the scenery was incredible. We could have done without the dogs pooping during the ride but I tell you, I have never seen a dog run and do their business at the time, true talent.

Someone found the ride so refreshing she just had to close her lids.
Yep that's a car buried in the snow and our guide told us the last year it had a current tag was 1978.

We were encouraged to pet the dogs after the ride, when they were no longer fully energized. After we left the dogs we went into town for lunch and then to the Rocky Mountain National Park for snowshoeing.

 Nelly was sleeping (again) and had no idea she was on for a ride. We didn't last long because the route was pretty boring and all I wanted to see was a moose. We called it a day and headed to our hotel.

Day 2 was more snowshoeing at the Rocky Mountain National Park and high hopes for a moose siting. I thought we were on to something with all the animal prints but no luck with a moose or any other four legged animal for that matter.

I cannot get enough of this smile. 

Back in Denver we ate at the Punch Bowl Social.

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