Friday, February 20, 2015

Valentine's/President's Day Weekend

We welcomed Madi and Drik to Denver this past weekend and the fun that in sued was like none other. From road trips through the state of Texas, Vegas for New Years to Jamaica for their wedding, we've had some serious adventures with these two and this was another one for the books. We started their visit with some snowboarding of course and I got some new gear from my boo for Valentine's Day! This was our first time at the Winter Park ski resort and we definitely plan on returning. They had great food and also had day care for Nelly. She did so good and didn't shed a tear as we handed her off.

We spent a lot of time on the baby slopes but they eventually were brave enough to head up the ski lift and give it a real shot. 

I was feeling very official here. 

On Valentine's Day we visited some local brewery's and that evening Noelle had her first babysitter here and the adults hit the streets for a date night. 

Normally I am pretty competitive but bowling has never been my game so I never get too hot about losing. I finished last in both games but it was still fun. The restaurant was recommended to us but it was just "ight"! After the waiter reached his whole entire arm across my plate to grab a menu, I wasn't so sure we'd be coming back. 

 Sunday morning included brunch at Lucile's Creole Cafe. I have never in my savage life waited an hour and 15 minutes to get a table but the food was good. Worth it? I don't know about that. 
Loving Madi's fro!

While inside the snow started and the Jones' couldn't wait to get out in it.

 I FINALLY got to see a Moose at the Natural Museum of Science. Though it was stuffed, I was still pretty geeked. 

My former coworker in San Diego told me about Little Man Ice Cream before we moved and we made it! I didn't think our first visit would be in the snow but it didn't stop us from indulging. 

This was pretty much the scene the whole weekend. Noelle found a best friend in Drik. She loved being held by him and reached for him every chance she got. This made Madi feel some type of way but apparently she's use to it because Drik attracts all the kids. 

For 5 bucks each we got into the dog show and it was money well spent. We had so much fun laughing at the dogs misbehaving and their trainers getting all flustered. "Bernie, leave it. Bernie, come. Bernie, no, leave it Bernie." Oh God it was hilarious!!!! This big fella was an Irish something or another. He was huge and a gentle giant, though I surely did not stick my hand out to pet him. We won't be on the news tonight.

Madi completed a bucket list challenge before they left, making a snow angel.