Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Road to Denver

After finishing out a crazy work schedule our last couple of weeks in San Diego, we wasted no time and planned to get on the road to Denver the next morning before the crack of dawn. The apartment was packed and Noelle was all kinds of confused! HA!

"Where's my stuff??"

As my husband promised, 4am, time to roll out.

We made great time getting into Utah and called it a day!

And then this happened….we heard angels singing!!!
Our FAVORITE place to eat while living in Orange County, CA was upon us!
Sweet pork tacos with a view.
And someone really liked the beans!!

The next day was incredibly scenic.

I missed the opportunity to take pictures on some parts of the trip (including the Colorado state sign) because it was so pretty I thought my pictures would do it NO justice, and because I was stuck in the back with this sugar monster :) 

Thank GOD for the great weather and Tj's ability to stay awake while Nelly and I snoozed in the back. We made it!!! With the Broncos stadium in our sites we headed to do work :-/
We had to pack the storage unit :( It took 2 hours but we (Tj) did it!! Noelle stayed strapped to me while we played life-size Tetris.
Get er' done!!

We hopped on a plane just a few hours later to spend the holidays in Orlando. 

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