Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Settling In Mile High

We've been in Denver for just over 2 weeks now and we LOVE it already!! We are itching to get into all the activities it has to offer. Our apartment is not yet ready to share but as soon as we get the TV on the wall I will post pics. We arrived into town just hours before I was scheduled for my of orientation. I took this picture later that while walking over there overpass. Seeing the mountains in the distance will never get old, especially when you come from such a flat state. 

 Children's Hospital Colorado

On a clear day you can see downtown and all the surrounding mountains 

Nelly hanging in her room before we got her stuff moved in 
Everyone has been asking how we've been holding up dealing with the weather. And as of now we think we can handle the high 20's and 30's just fine. But we have not been tested in anything colder. If it get to the negatives while we're here, we will go on strike. 

 Noelle has done great with the weather!! No sniffles that GOD and is keeping all her hats on her head. She hasn't had a melt down with all the sleeves she has to put on and not to mention she looks too freaking cute with all the outfits she received at her early bday party in Orlando (which I will be posting pics of soon).

Our "it's snowing faces", or maybe just mine

This place is a savage life's DREAM!!! There are SO many places to eat and we plan on hitting up as many as possible. We found Freddy's while out doing some running around and found it to be similar to Steak N' Shake back home. 
 It was good and so was the milkshake!
 Denver has many different neighborhoods with so many food options your head would spin but not me…..laser focus!! Let's do this!
 SOOOOOO gooooooodddd!
The great thing about being on this journey is that we can do things we'd never be able to do or think to do back home. We're down for whatever so when we saw several billboards advertising for The Stock Show we figured why not?
 A professional bull riding competition

We had no idea how much fun this would be!

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Yoni LB said...

Another fun, good read. I am happy to see that you all are settling in okay. Love y'all