Friday, January 30, 2015

Denver Adventures

I plan on eating my way through Denver and we have had a great start. Now I also planned on getting on a serious work out plan while we were here. With the thought that the high altitude would whip us into shape quicker than being at sea level. The question is can I do both? I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this question but I'm not ready to admit it.

Groupon is great!! For a total of 6 bucks we got to tour this historic home in downtown Denver.
The ORIGINAL stove to the home.
 Over 90% of the items in this home are untouched, with the exception of this waffle iron. 

This was fun. And we found some really tasty beef jerky :)

 I'm gonna need this in my future backyard.
Living so close to public transportation is a huge bonus.
 We visited the of town of Littleton.

 Downtown for dinner.

 My first Bison burger.
 The waiter asked us if we had any big plans for the night. Wednesday now means EMPIRE! Obsessed!!

Who knew that dressing Noelle for this weather would make me so happy!!! Noelle is popping tags left and right, is it petty to say I'm slightly jealous? She received SO many cute outfits during her birthday party earlier this month.

Our little lady will be ONE TOMORROW!!!!! AHHHHH!!! Can't wait to post all about it :))

Denver sunsets are breath taking!

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