Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Partaaay!

With hardly any time to spare after arriving in Orlando from Denver, we were off to Tj's Christmas work party! 

My eyebrows were on FLEEK (I'm not sick of that word yet) so my selfie game was strong!

The house where the party was held was SICK! It sat on a lake and had the most beautiful back yard, the ones you dream about, or in my case, pin on pinterest. 

The food was SO good. The menu included shrimp and grits, need I say more?

The drinks were great too! Madi and I very much enjoyed :)
And who doesn't love a photo booth?!!

But who needs one with this kind of serve!!! BAHAHAHA! Ok we're done! I <3 you MADI!

 Friends for LIFE!

The Jones' x The Hazley's

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