Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Baby's First Christmas Ornament

Oh your baby's first Christmas, a time for joy and love and totally failing at making hand print ornaments :-/ But it didn't stop us from having a great time.

I was so elated to see these little munchkins again!!! As you all know 2014 was the year of the baby for my friends. There were EIGHT other friends of ours to have babies this year, and that's not counting all my Facebook friends. The great thing about having babies at the same time are the obvious things for one, lots of things have changed and we can all relate. Well another HUGE benefit to this is get togethers/play dates like these :)) 

We wanted to get together as soon as we got in town and because it was days before Christmas, we turned it into an ornament making party.

It was also a very important game day for the Cowboys so Carter Lee came and showed his support! Now I'm not saying he had other motives but he sure did make his self comfortable for these photos.

Don't point out my babies blue line -_- her diaper was changed shortly after this pic was taken! HAHA!

It was time to start and I'm not sure Noelle appreciated being the guinea pig by her expression

Umm yeah sure, that's good enough...
"I'm naked so I must be next?"

Ok Carise!
 Uhh…not feeling it!
 "I don't know about this Mom, Carise was pretty upset"

We missed sleepy little Liam :( but he made one later

OK group picture!!
Or not….
Noelle + Cart P + Carter Lee + Carise + Liam= NC3L
 (not to be confused with a MAC foundation)

 Liam:  "I don't know guys, life seems pretty good to me"
So then the Mom's bust out the ABC's
Cart P's smile!!! SWOON!

 Somaiya with that new Mommy glow :) Beautiful!!

 Yota men and their Yota babies!

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