Friday, January 30, 2015

Denver Adventures

I plan on eating my way through Denver and we have had a great start. Now I also planned on getting on a serious work out plan while we were here. With the thought that the high altitude would whip us into shape quicker than being at sea level. The question is can I do both? I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this question but I'm not ready to admit it.

Groupon is great!! For a total of 6 bucks we got to tour this historic home in downtown Denver.
The ORIGINAL stove to the home.
 Over 90% of the items in this home are untouched, with the exception of this waffle iron. 

This was fun. And we found some really tasty beef jerky :)

 I'm gonna need this in my future backyard.
Living so close to public transportation is a huge bonus.
 We visited the of town of Littleton.

 Downtown for dinner.

 My first Bison burger.
 The waiter asked us if we had any big plans for the night. Wednesday now means EMPIRE! Obsessed!!

Who knew that dressing Noelle for this weather would make me so happy!!! Noelle is popping tags left and right, is it petty to say I'm slightly jealous? She received SO many cute outfits during her birthday party earlier this month.

Our little lady will be ONE TOMORROW!!!!! AHHHHH!!! Can't wait to post all about it :))

Denver sunsets are breath taking!

Our First Visitors To Denver

During our second weekend in Denver we got our first visitors!!! My best friend/Noelle's God Mom, Blair and her boyfriend Junior got in late Friday night. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Settling In Mile High

We've been in Denver for just over 2 weeks now and we LOVE it already!! We are itching to get into all the activities it has to offer. Our apartment is not yet ready to share but as soon as we get the TV on the wall I will post pics. We arrived into town just hours before I was scheduled for my of orientation. I took this picture later that while walking over there overpass. Seeing the mountains in the distance will never get old, especially when you come from such a flat state. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Elle's 11 Month Update

This was a happy scream I assure you!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Day + More

While in Orlando, we did our best to see as many people as possible and I am so happy we made this dinner date!! Crosby was sooo sweet to Noelle even trying to teach her to walk! SO cute.

Got to spend some quality time with my favorite guys!!!
For Christmas I had two wishes…that my parents get a real tree and that my brother and his family would spend the night before Christmas at my parents with us!! Both of these things happened :)) 

Noelle wasn't very interested in unwrapping her gifts :( I had high hopes but no luck!

My nephews made out like bandits 

 My family!!!
We spent Christmas night at our friend's home and ate up all their food! They threw down!!
 Outfit is Gap/ Headband by SophiaCo on
 My Christmas day look

 We spent that weekend in St. Pete with Tj's family 

There was a UCF bowl game so we got Nelly dressed for the occasion
Headband by JandGHandmade on

Tailgating with Karl and Alicia is always an experience!! Lots of laughs, love them <3

 Mean while Noelle was latched onto Granddad Lynn and would NOT let him move!! 
Hanging with Auntie Nita

When we got back to town we had the opportunity to watch Cart P for a few hours while his parents went out!! <3 him!!!! And when I say "we" I mean ME for the first 40 minutes. No baby was harmed during this time, though Noelle tried roughing Carter up.

Had a couples dinner the next night with our friends Sheontee and Glenn, and Liz and Rodney (not pictured). SO MUCH FUN!! God we have the best friends EVER!

Having our last date of 2014

And I have NO pictures from New Year's -_- Ugh I'm so salty that we didn't do anything, not even take pictures kissing our Nelly on her first New Year's! Oh well, either way it's going to be a great year.  God has shown us so much favor this past year. The birth of our daughter, our adventures traveling the country together, taking Noelle out of the country for the first time, the list goes on and on. His many blessings have come through some difficult times and by complete surprise. I am so excited for the things he will reveal to us this year. We will continue leaning and depending on him for all of our needs and hope to get much closer to him. Our lives are not perfect by any means but with him we hope to live a life of purpose and one that is pleasing to him. Be blessed friends!!!