Sunday, December 28, 2014

Last Days In San Diego

Our time in San Diego has gone by so fast! It's hard to believe we spent 5 months here. As I reflect on our time here I have such great memories of how much our Nelly has grown.
We were so blessed to experience so many different things. We got to get in a few more sites before we left.

December Nights at Balboa Park

First things first...

Lobster bisque and lobster roll!!! SO GOOD!

Exploring the cities Christmas lights….

….and cool food spots

Our last free day off together was spent packing but we were able to make it out to Sunset Cliffs one last time and to C Level for dinner!

Tj and Noelle made good of their free time while I was at work, attending another Chargers game

San Diego had amazing weather, great views and tasty food. It has been a dreamed realized when God allowed my family to go out on the road. God has been tremendously good to us and I couldn't think of a more fulfilling way to experience life then traveling the country with them. I have also come to some realizations.
1) I would love to live in a city with actual seasons
2) Cultural diversity is a MUST for so many reasons; i.e. radio stations, soul food joints, etc.
3) Going out of your way to be kind to someone is not a requirement but when someone does it for you, you understand the need for those people. I've always considered myself a friendly person but the next time I am ever in a situation where I can go beyond "nice" or "helpful", I will. Coming from an environment where you know everyone, you get comfortable knowing you'll have several positive interactions with people you like and who like you. I think I forgot about how hard this part was going to be from the last time I traveled. By the time you get to know people it's time to move on. But I'd like to take this time to thank Heather Garcia for being that person to me!!

Thank you San Diego!!!

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