Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Keeping Up With The Jones'- Jamaica

Our friends Drik and Madison got married!!!!! Ekkkk! We love these people and we were so excited to celebrate with them in Jamaica!! The week before Thanksgiving was such a crazy travel week for us. I told you that Tj and Noelle went to Orlando while I stayed back in SD. Well I rejoined them in Orlando for two days before we headed to Jamaica for the nuptials. 

We squeezed in as many visits as possible.
 We had a play date with Joanne and CARISE!! We love them :))))

How cute is her face?!!

Noelle bit her :(

 Please don't mind the bang my mother gave Noelle…hahahahaha!!

Hanging with God Dad Devon.

That night we went over our friend's De and Somaiya's to meet the new addition to their family, Liam xoxo!

 I guess Noelle felt some kind of way about me holding him.

Playing with Miss Kyra.

 The next day Nelly and I spent all day with my God Mom Blair.

 Of course I missed Noelle like crazy for those few days she was in Orlando but I am so happy she got to spend so much time with my Mom and Dad.

 Cousins are the best!!

 Time for Jamaica!!!

We got Noelle in the pool for the first time.

 She loved it!

 On our way to the wedding.

Tj looking so handsome as a groomsmen.

The wedding was so beautiful with the greatest back drop. This picture doesn't even look real.


Mr.and Mrs. Jones!

 The future Ajileye's!

 We had such a great time at the wedding and we were certainly grateful to God for allowing us to make it all the way to Jamaica to witness these two love birds tie the knot.

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