Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Elle's 10 Month Update

Noelle has so much personality!! It is so much fun to watch her grow into herself. She is so serious at times but can be the smiliest baby you'll ever met in the right circumstances/environment. She doesn't do too much smiling at strangers. She is impatient when it comes to waiting for food. She loves giving kisses to her Daddy and will win any staring contest she enters. She continues to HATE putting on sleeves. She really enjoys bath time and if given the opportunity will drink her own bath water. Eww! Lol! This month she has definitely turned into explorer Nelly. She realized all the things she could reach and get into if she stands up and pulls on every handle she sees. She picks up the smallest microfibers on the floor and tries to sneak them in her mouth before we catch her. 

Just a couple of favorites this month. It's been a busy one for us!

10 months

It was so hard to choose a photo this time around

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