Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I know you all are looking at this title like "Halloween? Girl please, how long ago was that? Don't act like you haven't left us in the dark without a blog post in more than 3 weeks!!"
Or is that just my guilt talking?
 I am going to attempt to play catch up without compromising quality. I plan on blogging my face off for the next week to fill you in on our lives. There has been so much going on. The week of Halloween was one of lots of mixed emotions. My Dad's youngest sister and my youngest Aunt unexpectedly passed away and the funeral was in Orlando. It was such a complete shock and we were all devastated by the lost of such a vibrant and funny woman. But we thank God for the memories we all have of her and another opportunity to see family. 

My nephews had a Halloween parade at their school that I was so happy to make. 
Jayden was Leonardo.

Jabari was the Scream character.

 And Jaleel was a skeleton night rider.

They were so excited to spend time with Noelle.
Meet Nelly the Kangaroo!
 I guess she wasn't very pleased with our costume choice!

Headband by JandGHandmade 

Sorry Nelly, the rule is, if you can't open your own candy then you can't eat it. Better luck next year baby girl! 

The funeral was the next day and we got to share in so many laughs about my Aunt and I know she wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

We were also able to recreate this childhood photo at our Grandmother's house.

Before heading back to San Diego we spent a night in St. Pete with Tj's family. His niece Simone had her homecoming dance that night and I was so happy that we made it in time enough for me to do her makeup :)) 
So pretty!!

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