Saturday, October 4, 2014

We Host A Johnson Family Vacation

There was so much anticipation for the Johnson's to get here!!! Tj's sister Londa and her kids were so excited for their visit. Especially the kids because they hadn't yet met Noelle. This would be their mom's fourth time seeing her and they were well over due. They live in Houston and while doing the travel nursing the first time around we got to spend 3 months in their city and were so fortunate to see them very often, at least once a week. Myles is 12 and Madison and Morgan will be 11 in December. With Tj and I being the babies of both our families Noelle has lots of awesome older cousins. 

Myles is a big gamer and has a great sense of humor. Madison and Morgan are big music lovers and the lyric QUEENS!! When I say they know ALL of the words to every song on the radio, I am not exaggerating. I love them so much and it is always so much fun being around them and their mom. 

The San Diego Zoo was #1 on their list

 Noelle was unimpressed by all the monkey business

 Twin love
 A little footsie wootsie

After the zoo 'In N Out' was a must

On Saturday Tj took Londa and the kids to LA for the day while Noelle and I hung back at home

That night Tj and I collected payment on our fee for visiting us, a night out while our guests babysat

It was a short trip but we enjoyed every moment with them

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