Monday, October 20, 2014

A Weekend In Carpinteria

This weekend Tj and I met up with our friends Rory and Noelle, who we first met in Costa Rica while on vacation for our one year anniversary. They live just south of San Fran and whenever we are in California we try our best to see them. The last time was a couple years ago while we were living in Los Angeles. This time would prove to be much different than our wine tasting days as married people with no kids. We decided to meet in the middle. The guys found the place, Carpinteria. A small beach town right outside of Santa Barbara. The apartment was AMAZING and the perfect location. We took the Amtrak and the apartment was two blocks from the train tracks. 

 Rory and Noelle have a 19 month old, Sophia

 Short walk to the beach.

 The girls just chilling before breakfast Saturday morning

 Representing for the home team #UCF

 We drove into Santa Barbara for the day and had lunch.

 Carpinteria was such a cute town with a brewery across the train tracks.

 A play ground on the other side of the tracks.

 A burger spot with milkshakes that kept me coming back.

  And great antique stores.

 The weekend was spent catching up, eating great meals and drinking wine by the fire.

Drool!! The peach cobbler Noelle made for dessert.

 Sophie combing Nelly's hair.

By the end of the weekend Soph was giving Tj fist pumps he taught her at the start of the weekend. This girl is smart as a whip. We watched her in amazement as she problem solved trying to get the toast off the kitchen counter, making four word sentences, and breaking out of her bumbo seat (with the tray attached) with ease. She is tough as nails and just so cute!!!

 The train arrived and it was time to go but not before I got another milkshake #savagelife

Who knew having drinks at the swim up bar would bring us such great friendship!

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