Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Foodie's Weekend Dream

This past weekend Tj and I had experienced lots of different foods, thought I'd share cause you know #SavageLife

I tried Better Buzz for the first time, a coffee place that I heard about through my coworkers. I got an iced "best drink ever" and it was quite tasty. I never drink iced coffee and surprisingly I liked it. 
 Tj is obsessed with Kati Thai, a restaurant in San Diego that we knew very well before moving here. I had the pineapple fried rice!!
On Saturday we went on a Bite Tour through La Jolla. It was an especially hot day for San Diego so walking to each restaurant was not ideal. The food on our first stop wasn't great.
 Now this apple pancake at Richard Walker's Pancake House was pretty amazing 
 And someone really enjoyed gnawing on the bacon

Loved the chicken caesar crepe on the left

The last stop was Olive Oil tasting which I never knew was a thing
We heard about the San Diego Night Market from a guy on our Bite Tour, so we figured what the heck

 It was Asian night

 ONE DOLLAR lashes, and I only got 3 pair. What is wrong with me?

 All of the lines were insane, including the one for this lemonade I had never tried

 It was worth it
 Tj's Saigon fries 

What a yummy weekend :)

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