Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Hazley's Next Stop

So excited to tell you all where The Hazley's are off to next!!

Yep! My next assignment is in the Mile High City!!! My start date is January 5th. 
Originally we thought we'd be leaving San Diego at the beginning of October (the end of my first contract) but we will be extending here until the end of December which means we can go home to Orlando for the holidays! I can't tell you how grateful to God I am for this. I really REALLY wanted to spend Noelle's first Christmas surrounded by our families and now we'll have that opportunity. He truly  gave me the desires of my heart. Lord knows I would have been sadder than a child getting clothes for Christmas if we weren't able to be home. My nephews (who still ask me frequently when we're moving home) were pumped when they found out we'd be home for Christmas. My brother said they were literally pumping their fists. HA!

Now I know what you're thinking (really what I'm thinking)…..Denver in January, are you crazy Florida girl?! Well, we've always wanted to visit and we've snowboarded before. That's about it. That's what we were thinking when we chose Colorado, ohhhh, and shopping. I'm talking North Face jackets, boots, beanies, the whole nine. Sounds cute now, until we experience the coldest winter ever. But you'll be hearing all about it. It's insane to think that while in Denver, Noelle will be turning ONE. Ahhh!!! I've talked to a couple of people about Denver and they have assured me that we will have an amazing time there. I spoke with one of my patient's parents and he told me that the weather is not as frightful as I might be picturing….

Waiting everyday for a phone call about where we'd be headed to next was not as hard as it had been in the past. I felt like I knew God was going to come through just like all the other times he had before. But of course, being human, there was always that ounce of fear and doubt. After several positions fell through and there seemed to be NO 12 hour day positions, I figured worse case scenario, we would go home to Orlando where we would both have jobs. At one point my option to extend in San Diego seemed like it may have been out of the question…BUT GOD! There are so many details to this story and I could fill your whole day with how things went down but the point is, God made a way out of no way. I feel like the moment I really truly stopped worrying about it, my phone rang. How freeing would it be to trust God is going to take care of all your situations as easy as you trust him to wake you up in the morning? Yes, you pray that God will wake you up the next morning but you don't worry about it when you go to sleep. That freedom and trust is what I strive for in my walk with Christ. And even when things don't happen the way you thought or "planned", knowing that God's plan for your life is much better than anything you could have mapped out for yourself is comforting.


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