Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tj Swims with Sea Lions

I have already stated my love for La Jolla Cove. But this time we got up close and personal. And well Tj got a little too close for my comfort but he was like a kid. He was so happy and I loved seeing him enjoy himself!

 And there they were, just hanging out.

 All I kept thinking was "Lord, if these people don't get these kids"!!! But that's just me, I will probably (who I am kidding) I WILL be overly cautious at times and Tj will I'm sure reel me in.

 They are so peaceful looking, but do not let them fool you. Some guy tried touching this big fella here and he let him know with the quickness, this is not what you want brother!
And he's off with his crazy, I mean brave self!

Mean while on the sane side of the beach!
 Actually, I was after your hat Mom.
 Noelle's first lesson in wild life: keep a safe distance!

 You see that part!!! Oooo…LMBO! That's Tj's "taking a break from the corporate world" hair cut!! Haha!!!!! Let's hope he doesn't have to rush back to Orlando for a meeting before it grows back in.

 He had quite the experience! They were swimming under him and all around, coming face to face with ten's of them. Umm…yeah no thanks! He told me if they attacked on sensing fear, he would have been a goner!! LOL!

We ended our adventure at a cute Italian restaurant where we had a great view!

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