Friday, August 1, 2014

The In Laws Come to Town

Both sets of Grandparents are due to visit us in San Diego. Tj's parents were up first and although I worked most of the time they were here, Tj showed them a good time. I got to spend their first and last day with them. We saw some new sites around San Diego and Tj and I had a much needed date night. 

Mission Beach

Tj and his parents went out to the Del Mar Horse Track while Noelle I chilled at home

Then it was date night for us :)

 Post partum hair loss is awful!! I have no edges ><

He is still crazy!! LOVE Chris Tucker!!
 Searsucker's for dinner

Noelle goes to Hollywood :) 
 They also went Comic Con watching!!!

On their last day we went to La Jolla Cove, I love this place!!!

 Lots of Seals

 We saw this baby Elephant Seal putting sand of his back to shade him from the sun
 My, what big eyes you have!
 On the other side of the beach were Sea Lions
 And people were swimming with them -__-
 And guess who wants to do it now….
 Well he'll be doing it by his dog gone self, while Noelle and I look on!

So happy Denise and Lynn made it out to visit us!!!

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