Wednesday, August 6, 2014

San Diego Digs

Welcome to our San Diego home! We've already been here a month (sorry so late)!!! Housing can be provided by the travel agency or you can take the housing subsidy. The amount depends on the city's average housing cost. We took the subsidy because we wanted to be in a happening area! So downtown it was!!!

 I really need to find something to put on the wall. But I keep contemplating whether or not it's really worth it since we're only going to be here another couple of months. Mean while, I could have been looking at something for a month now. 
Tj's home office

We had to furnish the apartment on our own so we bought the bed, nightstand, futon, coffee table and TV stand from Ikea. If our next assignment is close we'll just Uhaul it, if not we'll sell it on Craigslist. We did this when we lived in LA and it worked out great. Of course Noelle's furniture was driven across country. 

Noelle's Den

We're loving the convenience of being able to walk to so many places. 

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