Monday, August 18, 2014

Pacific Beach and Bayfront Park

I love that we have been in San Diego for a month and a half and still haven't seen it all!! This past weekend we went to yet ANOTHER beach we haven't been to and walked to a splash park downtown.

But first….let's talk about $1 pizza Tuesday's!

 The New Yorker SD is such a cool little spot!

And the pizza is SOOO good!

On Friday we went to Pacific Beach 

These waves were serious, just ask Tj because I wouldn't know anything about it. What can I say, I'm a pool kinda girl!

The Bayfront Park was on my list of places to visit so we made the walk on Saturday.

Early dinner by the Bay

Fish Taco :))

Oooo by the way, look what came in this past week!!!!

I am so excited for this week because my parents get here Wednesday. Should be a good time!!! Have a great week friends!

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