Saturday, August 9, 2014

Elle's Half Birthday Update!!!

Noelle is finally fitting into her 3 month clothes, which is REALLY exciting because she's got some cute stuff that's NOT pink!! In size 2 diapers and not yet in any of the cute shoes we bought!

Some of my favorite pictures over the last month!

 Completely ignoring me, I'm pretty sure on purpose.
 Yeah you see it….skills!!

 I wish this was on purpose!!

Favorite Five
6 Months

Freaking Jack POT! Noelle loves this thing and it is a great way to keep her occupied for awhile!
This camera was gifted to me and I LOVE taking pictures of Nelly with it.

"Hold my hand"

She has moved across country, met lots of new family, gone to Hollywood, attended her first NFL and MLB games and went to the beach for the first time!! She is so fun, demands your attention at times but still continues to be an incredibly chill baby. What a great personality she is developing and perfect for our lifestyle. Thank God for such a sweet baby girl!

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