Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cowboy Fan in Training

Lesson #1 
You come from a LONG line of Cowboy Fans!!!! Never forget!!!

Your Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Uncle Lawrence

Granddad Lynn

Both Grandma's!!

Great Uncle's

 And Great Aunt's
Of course your Mom!!

And your Dad….
….well, somehow he got lost!

 But he did make the amazing decision by using the replica of this brick inside the Cowboy stadium to propose to me!!

Lesson #2
Sport your Cowboy gear with pride!

Lesson #3
Support your team any chance you get

Lesson #4
Pray for your team…..they NEED it!!!

Lesson #5 And the most important one of all…
Be a fan, Win or LOSE, because we lose, A LOT!!!

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