Sunday, July 13, 2014

Out & About and My 28th Birthday

I think I'm going to LOVE this city and no it's not just because of all the food options (though that may be 50% of the reason) but because there is so much to do and the weather is amazing! We're trying to get the apartment together as quickly as possible but we are also eager to check out our surroundings.

The first stop was The Donut Bar which is just a block from our apartment. The hours are from early morning until sold out! Sounded yummmm!!!

My choice was the Creme Brûlée donut…my favorite dessert!

Diners, Drive-In's and Dives is one of my favorite shows on the Food Network and we found a location that Guy put his stamp on and went there for lunch one day.

There are so many cute little stores and while walking from lunch we found this floral store that I fell in love with at first sight. 


Down by the Bay

 Headband from JandGhandmade at

My 28th Birthday

Dinner with a view

So excited about dessert!!!!

I love that Tj doesn't like sweets!!!!! All mine :)

Thanking God for another year and the first one with our Baby Girl!

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