Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Just The Two Of Us

Recently Tj had to go back to Orlando for a few days for work so that meant me and Noelley Belly would be by our lonesome. It was the first time it would be just us with NO support. I was nervous, I won't lie but we made the best of it.

Day 1: I work out!!

Some things she really liked, like the singing


Not so much!

Gymboree was nice and all but the membership is $79 a month. Umm, isn't LA fitness cheaper than that?! Gonna try and get some play dates with my new coworkers and their babies! Should run us a lot less. 

Did a little shopping!
Now why in the world would I go and sign up for a Gap card?! I am obsessed with that store and as much as I vowed not to contribute any more freaking PINK to Elle's closet, I just couldn't resist this onesie. It was perfect for our traveling girl!


Hot dogs on a stick were a MUST

This was a weird shot, I swear she could breath.

And for dinner, did I mention my apartment complex has room service?!!!! 

Day 2: Where's my Dad?

No smiles for Mom? Dang!!!

Nothing crazy, just a trip to Target and Chipotle. Let me just say how proud I am of myself for navigating the city on my own. I felt like beating on my chest with every destination we made it to. 

Who needs naps?! 

Day 3: We got a visitor!!!!

My friend Maddy came down from LA to hang out with us for the day
I love this woman. We have grown so much together, those kinds of friendships are so fulfilling!

We hung out at Seaport Village

 Got my first henna

 Our sushi dates are a tradition 
 Sushi Deli 2 is a very popular spot that Tj and I visited once with our friends Tray and Yoni. That visit included lots and lots of saki bombs!

Memories :)

Our last stop was Extraordinary Desserts. I will be a habitual offender of this place. They rotate over 700 different desserts, so the menu changes daily. I have been 3 times to date :) Maddy has a big sweet tooth so she was the perfect person to take.

Rose Lemonade
 Creme Brûlée Pot De Creme

I forgot to take a picture of Maddy's, I was focused #savagelife

We survived!! I thank God for keeping us safe and sending the man of the house back to us safe.

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