Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Daddy Day Care

I cannot describe how blessed I feel to have my husband home everyday. Lord knows this is the best thing EVER!! Tj is an incredibly hard worker and when we were in Orlando he worked a LOT of hours at his office, even at home on the weekends. He is working just as hard here and has set up a little office in our room but I'd much rather him here with us while he does it. Noelle gets so much time with her Dad, she is sure to be a Daddy's girl! The way he loves on her makes me love him even more!!!

Sometimes I catch her just staring at him. As soon as he looks her way she grins from ear to ear. 

Once Tj is done with his work for the day, I get pictures of their adventures!
Walking around the Bay

Visiting the San Diego Padres field

Nap time

Standing on top of a pan in her new jumper her Daddy put together

I absolutely love the time these two get to spend together and thank God for this amazing opportunity!

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