Monday, July 28, 2014

Let's Go To The BEACH, EACH....

We went out to Del Mar and it was Noelle's first time at the beach!

This is the life! Savage life that is!

 Tj was dying to do some wave jumping. He should be taking surfing lessons soon, can't wait to witness that!!

 There was no way I was getting in that freezing water! 

 My parents went to Turks and Caicos and all they got me was this onesie :)

 Wipe out!
 I was so excited about this!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

We are complete switch outs (when it comes to baseball)….how do I mean?!!

This time is no different!

Go Padres!!

Our apartment is in great location so were able to walk to the stadium.

My favorite part of the game!

 It was so hot outside we made a makeshift awning for Noelle

Those are NOT my feet btw!!! Hahaha!

Just The Two Of Us

Recently Tj had to go back to Orlando for a few days for work so that meant me and Noelley Belly would be by our lonesome. It was the first time it would be just us with NO support. I was nervous, I won't lie but we made the best of it.

Day 1: I work out!!

Some things she really liked, like the singing


Not so much!

Gymboree was nice and all but the membership is $79 a month. Umm, isn't LA fitness cheaper than that?! Gonna try and get some play dates with my new coworkers and their babies! Should run us a lot less. 

Did a little shopping!
Now why in the world would I go and sign up for a Gap card?! I am obsessed with that store and as much as I vowed not to contribute any more freaking PINK to Elle's closet, I just couldn't resist this onesie. It was perfect for our traveling girl!


Hot dogs on a stick were a MUST

This was a weird shot, I swear she could breath.

And for dinner, did I mention my apartment complex has room service?!!!! 

Day 2: Where's my Dad?

No smiles for Mom? Dang!!!

Nothing crazy, just a trip to Target and Chipotle. Let me just say how proud I am of myself for navigating the city on my own. I felt like beating on my chest with every destination we made it to. 

Who needs naps?! 

Day 3: We got a visitor!!!!

My friend Maddy came down from LA to hang out with us for the day
I love this woman. We have grown so much together, those kinds of friendships are so fulfilling!

We hung out at Seaport Village

 Got my first henna

 Our sushi dates are a tradition 
 Sushi Deli 2 is a very popular spot that Tj and I visited once with our friends Tray and Yoni. That visit included lots and lots of saki bombs!

Memories :)

Our last stop was Extraordinary Desserts. I will be a habitual offender of this place. They rotate over 700 different desserts, so the menu changes daily. I have been 3 times to date :) Maddy has a big sweet tooth so she was the perfect person to take.

Rose Lemonade
 Creme Brûlée Pot De Creme

I forgot to take a picture of Maddy's, I was focused #savagelife

We survived!! I thank God for keeping us safe and sending the man of the house back to us safe.