Monday, June 30, 2014

Elle's 5 Month Update

Look who's 5 months already!!!!

3 month clothes are still too big. We have moved up to size 2 diapers!!! She loves to be sat up and is such a lover of water. All she needs to hear is the water running, she knows it's bath time and she will immediately stop crying. I think we might have a little fish on our hands!

And if you haven't seen my instagram…this is how my husband gets her to stop crying during Daddy Day. 

 Lol!! Don't judge him, he got her out after she fell asleep, but not before he snapped this :)

Elle is in love with the outdoors. If she is ever fussy, a trip outside will usually do the trick. 

Figured I'd start adding some bloopers from our shoots since she's so much more fun now!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of her this month.

 Happy girl even after shots.

 "I didn't ask you to take this picture" face

 Oh…and someone got her ears pierced :))

Favorite Five
5 Months

I know this thing is pretty pricey and I wasn't sure what all the hype was about but Noelle loves Sophie, I'm a believer!!!
Noelle has super sensitive skin, Johnson & Johnson and Aveeno break her out. My Sister in Law recommended this and it has worked great for her. We also use the lotion. 

Number 5 is gonna be a little different this time….it's going to be a product that doesn't quite work for us!

 Pampers Baby Dry  

I'm not even going to say why, just take a look. 

I understand that breast milk poop is a whole other monster….but seriously!
 I had just bought her this cute little outfit from Gap to attend her first shower for her new friend Carise and new Mommy Joanne.

Take a close look, she was sitting on a gold mine!

Yep and this was on me :)

I assure you this is NOT a user error. I don't know how many of you other Mommy's have this issue with Baby Dry but I will be sticking with Pampers Swaddlers from here on out!

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