Monday, June 30, 2014

4th Wedding Anniversary- Turks and Caicos

Well hello there stranger….allow me to reintroduce myself!

I can't tell you how great it was to get away with my husband, ALONE for a few days. It has been super crazy preparing for our move and it was just what we needed to reconnect before going back to the craziness. It was hard leaving her for the first time and we were both having to cheer each other up because we missed our Elle so dearly. But we left her in the most capable hands possible, that of Grandparents. I'm so happy that my family was able to spend the last few days with her because I know they are going to miss her so much when we move. This trip was made possible because of my large supply of breast milk at home. Tj and I will have very little time to ourselves now that we will be moving across the country with no family so it was a great time to do it. It will ALWAYS be my priority to keep my relationship with my husband as close as possible and one of the ways we do that is by taking trips together, as I have previously mentioned, it's our "love language" (we made up our own). 

We did lots of FaceTime

 I am so happy we took the advice of our friends and came to this island. It was magic!

Photo bombed…this guy was a professional!

This was in the ocean, NOT the pool!

Our Resort was incredible and the food was spectacular!

On our actual anniversary 6-26.

We ate lots of Conch!!

And ohh the drinks….

Let me just say exclusively pumping sucks and I give it up to any Mom who dedicates themselves to doing it because it is hard work. As I said before, we were able to leave Noelle behind because we knew there was no shortage of breast milk for her at home. I continued to pump anywhere from 4-6 hours while we were away. And of course I was dumping it all. Not only because I was drinking but also because I would have had no place to store it. It was a real commitment to do this on vacation, God knows. Sometimes that 4-6 hours put me in the airport because JetBlue had us fly from Orlando to NYC to Turks. Complete opposite direction, but whatever. We were flying on buddy passes so no complaints here. So when I needed to pump at the airport, there was no glamorous way of doing so. 

The stall > <

I brought my electric pump and used it while we were at the hotel but the hand pump came in handy for the times I had to pump at the airport and yes, on the plane. Ugh!! Trying to cover yourself with a blanket, will using a hand pump and trying not to expose yourself to the other passengers was probably quite entertaining if some creeper figured out what I was doing. It was nice not having to worry about sterilizing the parts. There was no need of course since Noelle wouldn't be drinking the milk. And I stopped drinking alcohol about 24 hours before returning to her just to be safe and drank lots of water to flush my system.

 I'd heard a lot of "you won't do this anymore" or "you won't want to do that anymore" before we had Noelle but we make our own rules in our marriage and as long as we are on the same page, it's the only thing that matters!!! I love this man and I thank God for the opportunity to see more of this amazing world of His with him!

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