Friday, May 2, 2014

Elle's 3 Month Update

She has finally hit double digits in her weight, making her way up the growth chart!!! Still wearing newborn diapers and clothes. The 0-3 month clothing is too long but I am excited she is getting so much wear out of her current clothes. 

Ms. Noelle is a pretty chill baby….when she wants to be. She will spend time in her MamaRoo, watching cartoons with her wubba nub in her mouth. Other times she wants to be held, while you are standing up and bouncing. We are often times seen around the house in this position...

 She hates tummy time now ;( 
 She found the purpose of my thumb
She can also get her own hand to her mouth which is fun to watch!

If looks could kill!!!

Favorite Five
3 Months

There is obviously a theme to 4 of my favorite fives this month and if you haven't guessed it, it's returning to work! These 4 things have made our lives easier as we have transitioned to our new normal. Thank God Noelle had no problems taking a bottle. But I chose the Avent bottles because of the nipple being good for breastfed babies. We tried another bottle warmer that was on my registry but it wasn't that great. We returned it and bought this one and it was much easier to use. Although side note *you should still thaw your bottled breast milk before using the warmer. I received my breast pump free through my insurance and unfortunately it did not come with a bag because it was discontinued but whatever, the fact that the pump was free was good enough for me. It works great and it's light enough to tote back and forth to work. The amount of dish washing has increased tremendously (BLAH) I HATE washing dishes. I've hated it since childhood, I can't wait until Noelle is old enough to have this chore passed down to her! I digress. This drying rack has been great for all the breast pump parts. I am currently writing a post about pumping at work that I should be posting soon!

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