Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Elle's 1 Month Update

My Suga Mama is 1 month!! Ahhh!! She's such a sweet girl.

Elle is packing on the lbs, she is now on the charts for her weight (3rd percentile)!! Breast milk gives you wings! Hehe! But not yet her height, she may get all the short jokes like her father and I did as children...I'll make sure she embraces it by telling her all those great things like "good things come in small packages". LOL

Currently working on her library!

God I love her face!!!!

My Top 5 Favorite Things
1 Month

This first month has been a real adjustment. The sleep or lack of sleep has been hard. But even harder has been the absence of the life I've known for 27 years. Since I've had my license in hand I have always been a get up and go type of gal. Not having the freedom I once had has started getting to me. So I am making some adjustments to our daily routine in order to give Noelle a healthy and happy Mommy. 

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