Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Did You Miss Us?!

Well I have definitely missed my fingers on this keyboard. Figuring out how to balance my new life is going to take some real trial and error. Noelle is being fed as I am writing this! TMI?! Of course not, it's impressive! LOL! Ok CAUTION: I am about to get extremely on at your own risk!

This girl is simply LOVE! Every time I lay eyes on her I just want to kiss her sweet face, and I do. It's a wonder how she hasn't broken out with a "kissing rash" all over her face! I am constantly marveling at God's omnipotence!!! I mean she went from.....


To THIS...

How could you not be in aww?!

I'd like to share some things no one told me/I didn't expect from this new experience!
1) Cry me a river- I was so emotional the week after I had the baby I would cry just looking at her. The ride home from the hospital, I cried. The first night at home looking at my little family, boohooed! Basically anything created the water works. I was NEVER this emotional pregnant so I didn't expect the surge of tears after she was born.
2) The struggle is real- Staying awake at night as I fed my baby was the hardest thing ever those first few nights. I had to figure something out, my Pinterest app came to the rescue!!
3) Snitches get Stitches- Well in this case Noelle gave me stitches! Let me just say this was the worst part of my recovery! Oh God I cringe at the thought!!!! I read a lot about episiotomy's vs. tearing before giving birth but most of the information was directed at whether or not to get an episiotomy or allow your body to tear or not tear on its own. Unfortunately I did (naturally) and I wish I had been prepared just in case I did. Two words....Sitz bath!! Get one or regret it!!! 

Picture time!!!! Here are some of my favorite pics of my little Elle over the last 3 1/2 weeks! She's changing so much already some of these pictures seem out of date.