Wednesday, January 29, 2014

37 Weeks

Full term!!!!

 Slightly geeked!!

Best moment this week: Being on maternity leave and spending my last moments as a childless wife with my husband and friends!
Maternity Clothes: Wondering if I'll ever want to put on another pair of jeans after this
Gimme Gimme: MY BABY
Total weight gain: +14 (130lbs) 
Sleep: Ok officially tossing and turning. I also hit a new personal record of getting up to go to the bathroom 5 times in one night o_O
What I'm going to miss: Had to change this up a little...I'm going to miss: All the food offered to me, feeling the baby move, my husband feeling my belly and just the pregnancy as a whole but not to fear, God willing I'd like to do this 2 more times.....don't tell Tj!
My belly: Not sure how this is possible but seems like my linea nigra has gotten even darker
Belly button: Hopefully its days are numbered
This weeks mood: READY!! Not because I'm over being pregnant, I'm just ready to meet our baby girl!
Looking forward to: Getting this party started! Not sure how and when our baby girl is going to come into this world but we are trusting God that no matter how she makes her appearance she's going to be the healthiest, most beautiful person we have ever seen!!!
Weekly wisdom: As I come closer to this transition from childless woman to mother, I hope to take all the things I remember about not being a parent with me. Like making sure not to offend those who don't have children by telling them what their life will or won't be like after having children. Lord knows (and I'm sure all of you know) I have absolutely hated the negativity I have gotten from other mothers and I want to remember that feeling so that I won't make the same mistakes.
Gender: LADY in red! HAHA! Is that gross?
Symptoms: Still seeing stars, stupid reflux. Also started losing my mucous plug. 
Movement: Had a scare this week...went in to the hospital because of decreased movement. One day she was just not doing her usual moving and I tried not to freak but told Tj I wanted to go just to make sure everything was ok. On the way to Winnie she started going crazy as if to say "don't let them take me Mom, I'll behave". Well by the time we got hooked up to the monitor she was all over the place, making me look crazy, but obviously that was quite alright. Thank God she was just fine and we made our way home.
Nursery Update: So happy all the finishing touches are done! I'm sure I will make small modifications here and there once she is actually in there.

Elle is the size of a winter melon

Quality time with my girl Sheontee!

Thought this color was fitting.

Car seat is installed!

These last days are surreal....

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