Thursday, January 23, 2014

36 Weeks

Best moment this week: Work baby shower, dinner with our great friends Curt and Zonovia and our Lamaze class was great!!!!!
Maternity Clothes: At this point I am tired of putting on clothes, it is so hard to be your biggest in the winter. I know they say the summer is hardest because it's miserably hot but I say the winter because stuffing your (my) sausage feet into boots and my belly in sweaters and jackets is ridiculous!! 
Gimme Gimme: Glazed donut holes
Total weight gain: +14 (130lbs) 
Sleep: Still really good despite almost crying every time I have to get up to use the bathroom
What I miss: So excited for SUSHI!
My belly: Got the "about to pop" look
Belly button: Don't think I'm going to miss it
This weeks mood: Pure excitement!! Not having an exact date for induction has put a little more of the surprise back into my labor process!
Looking forward to: Getting this baby in the world!!! Waiting for God to show up and show out!
Weekly wisdom: I have realized that parenting is a completely individual experience. I know myself and my husband pretty well so I'm gonna guess I'd know a tad bit more about what kind of decisions we MIGHT or MIGHT NOT make as a parental team. For example, our travel plans (don't get me started) or our baby sleeping in our bed. I find myself getting defensive already and she's not even here yet. I will take these experiences to heart and try to never impose my parental beliefs on others. I hope that my successes and failures as a parent will never make me jaded toward new moms. 
Gender: She'll be "EVERY WOMAN" 
Symptoms: Horrible reflux at night. Feet and hands on swole, even my lips when I wake up.
Movement: Realized this week that she does things on her own time!! Moved every time the nurse put the doppler on to hear her heart rate, back and forth, back and forth. Might be a little stubborn! GOD help us.
Nursery Update: I will be posting the final pics of the nursery this week!!!! EeeeKkkk!!!

Elle is the size of a coconut
Cheek muscles are developing...wonder if she'll have dimples like her Mom :)

So Hazley and I had our last road trip this week!! He had to go to Tallahassee for work and asked if I'd come and keep him company :) Of course I accepted and we drove up one night and came back the next day! It was great to spend so much uninterrupted time with him, I cherish every moment I can get. The trip was fun and fast but my feet didn't travel so well. I took off my shoes in the car on the way and I was unable to get them back on for the rest of the trip. Fun times!

This is where my ring is hanging out most days. 

Had to move on my left side in order to hear her heart rate. 

If you are delivering at Winnie Palmer or anywhere else in the surrounding area I would absolutely recommend this class. There is an online portion of the class which was a great review for Tj and I since we have already done an extensive 6 week birthing class called Instinctive Birthing with Melita from The Birth Village. It had great birthing stories, lots of videos and diagrams, which may or may not be great for your husbands!!! HA! Tj did not enjoy them! In fact, it may have freaked him out. During the group in-class portion we were able to ask any questions we had and practice all the labor positions. We practiced breathing and discussed more strategies for getting through our labor, like massage, aromatherapy and visualization. It was $100, well worth it in my opinion. 

My coworkers are amazing!! There was a signature drink called "The Elle". 

 I loved this blanket from Xandra!

 My cake!!!! "The World Awaits You".

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