Thursday, January 16, 2014

35 Weeks

How did we get here already?!!!!!

Best moment this week: Maternity Shoot and Baby Shower!!!!! Both went amazing! 
Maternity Clothes: My options are low but so is my time left
Gimme Gimme: We all scream for ice cream
Total weight gain: +14 (130lbs) 
Sleep: Couldn't sleep a couple days this week, but just excited about the shoot and shower!
What I miss: Realizing that I'm going to miss my belly more than anything I miss right now
My belly: Trying to touch and feel her as much as possible while she's still in there
Belly button: I don't know how this is possible but it isn't protruding as much as usual, I think it's because of her position 
This weeks mood: Comforted by God's promise :)
Looking forward to: Seeing who she looks like, hopefully she looks like a "Noelle" because we can't turn back now!! LOL! My wonderful coworkers are throwing me another baby shower this weekend. I thank GOD for them!
Weekly wisdom: Packing a hospital bag takes a lot more research than I expected
Gender: Sweet Little Beautiful Wonderful Perfect All American GIRL
Symptoms: Swollen feet and hands. My feet are out of control but my BP is 100's/60's and my salt intake has not changed.....I'm just really pregnant. My ring isn't fitting so well so I've had to resort to putting it around my neck some days, shoes are getting more snug!
Movement: God I'm going to miss this!! I love feeling her feet!! Haven't experienced the kicking of ribs, I wonder if that's because she's so small?!
Nursery Update: We've washed a lot of her things and put away ALL of the clothes she got at the baby shower. Unfortunately you'll have to wait just a tad longer for the final pics because we'll have more stuff to put away after this weekends baby shower. 

Miss Elle is the size of a honeydew melon 
Her kidney's are completely developed

This week was so great! My friend Rhema spent the weekend hanging out and it gave me a chance to get out of the house and go downtown of all places. I could feel the stares. LOL
 Tom's are a pregnant lady's BEST friend!!


That awkward moment when you have to decide if you are going to throw out the ice cream you've been craving or using the bathroom on yourself, both are not an option so I'm left with this......
Don't judge me!

Father Hazley as he likes to be called putting together his baby girl's bassinet 

 Thank you God Mom!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dont let the hospital bag packing get the best of you...BE SURE to bring several pairs of undergarments and your own sanitary napkins. Dont bother bringing many baby clothes as she will mostly stay swaddled. Dont forget to "kangaroo" with her (skin-to-skin) sure your hubby does the 6 y/o still can only fall asleep on my husband's bare chest. I am so glad I was able to encourage you last week..continue to rest on HIS promises!!!!! Enjoy the journey because it goes extremely FAST.