Wednesday, January 1, 2014

33 Weeks

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! What a year this will be...

Best moment this week: Bringing in the New Year with our great friends!!
Maternity Clothes: Actually bought a couple of dresses on
Gimme Gimme: Steak N' Shake chili
Total weight gain: 12lbs!!
Sleep: Greeaaaaat, except for this AWFUL reflux, not giving up my chili
What I miss: There is a gallon of unopened Publix sweet tea in my refrigerator, I am so proud of myself!! 
My belly: Wondering how much bigger I'll get
Belly button: It's so out, all the wrinkles have smoothed
This weeks mood: It's going by sooooo fast!!!!
Looking forward to: My baby shower and maternity shoot in just over a week!!
Weekly wisdom: Learning more and more that I control nothing when it comes to this baby and pregnancy! Remember that bonus ultrasound I had, well Noelle was measuring really small, so small that my Doctor has decided he'd like to see us TWICE a week for NST's (Non-stress tests) to keep track of the baby and more frequent ultrasounds to make sure she is growing. She is in the 12th percentile for weight in babies her gestation and if she dips down to the 10th percentile or less, they may discuss interventions. The concern is for intrauterine growth restriction. Anyone who has had to listen to me talk about my labor process knows, I don't want ANY intervention unless medically necessary, so just the talk of induction makes me freak a little. Apparently there is nothing that I have done, or can do to change her size, she's just gotta pick it up in the last few weeks on her own. 
Gender: SHE-Woman
Symptoms: Indigestion!! UGH....this by far has to be the worst symptom I've had so far. I can deal with the back pain (which by the way has given me a major break this week) but the indigestion is horrible!!! I feel like my stomach is sitting in my esophagus, EWWW! I can't deal!
Movement: I follow her everywhere she goes, she tries to move when I start to push on her but I just search my belly to touch her again....I love it!!! Tj says I'm aggravating her but she better get used to it now because I won't be able to keep my hands or lips off her when she enters this world!
Nursery Update: I CANNOT wait to fill it with her gifts from the baby shower!!

Elle "should" be the size of a Durian
Can now tell the difference between night and day (sorry for the sloppy sun and moon)

I had my feelings about having to go the doctors office so often but I love my Doctor and trust him and I'm happy he is taking extra precautions for our girl and a plus, we get to hear her heart beat much more often!!
 Tj looking very excited!

We had a great New Years with our friends!!

What a long day it was for me, on 4 hours of sleep I worked a 12hr shift and then I just HAD to go downtown to watch my Alma Mater play and WIN in their first BCS bowl!!!

 Got to meet up with up with one of my faves RHEMA!! UCF brought me some amazing friends! Don't mind the curly haired photo bomber!!

Allow me to introduce you to my new best friend!!

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