Wednesday, December 18, 2013

31 Weeks

Best moment this week: FINALLY putting up our Christmas tree! Booked our maternity shoot and newborn session!!! Oooo and got to visit my coworker Sandrell and her sweet baby girl!!
Maternity Clothes: Bought a belly support band for my back, let's see if this helps
Gimme Gimme: Bourbon chicken from the mall :))
Total weight gain: 10lbs
Sleep: Great, except when my back has been hurting, takes awhile to get comfortable. Still getting some time in on my belly, ok side belly!
What I miss: Unlimited soda and sugary drinks
My belly: I have become the human crumb catcher
Belly button: Somehow goes in when she is in a certain spot
This weeks mood: Scared and anxious. I am really nervous about this change for me and my husband. OF COURSE I'm more excited than anything but I'm going through that whole, "what kind of people are we going to be?" I don't wanna lose myself or become this woman who always looks a mess because "my kids come first" I refuse!!! I want to grow as a person and mature as a mom but I don't want to stop laughing and joking about inappropriate things, let's put it this way, I don't want to become "MOTHER EARTH" What a bore! 
Looking forward to: Christmas!!!! I love Jesus and I love this time of year! Even though I'll have to be at work Christmas Eve and Day, at least I love my job! 
Weekly wisdom: You know, I try really hard not to get annoyed by ignorant people but I was at a store recently and a GROWN woman saw me and immediately ran over to her young daughter (like a gossiping teenager) to apparently tell her something about me and my protruding midsection. Because then the young girl very noticeably walked by me staring at my belly. She then runs back over to her mom and whispers something is her ear. I could be making a big deal about nothing but judging by the snickering, it wasn't "doesn't that young woman look adorable?" I could only guess it had something to do with the fact that I look much younger than I am. I had a half a mind to ask the woman how old she thought I was, then slap her in the face with the reality that I am a grown married woman who planned this pregnancy. UGH! But I should have just hit her with the all inclusive "God Bless You". It's just aggravating when you feel you've done things a certain way and that is pleasing and someone can just look at you and past judgement. A very good lesson for me also. And OMG I thought about how I would feel if I couldn't fit my wedding ring because my hands were swollen! I wish I didn't care but obviously I wouldn't have written a paragraph if I didn't!
Gender: My GIRL
Symptoms: So the really bad Braxton Hicks I had in Pittsburgh were apparently the result of my little lady moving head down. I realized this after talking to a midwife at my doctors office. My belly was noticeably lower the morning after she put me through quite a scare. And now feeling her kicks up high. The back pain continues to plague me!
Movement: Feels like punching in my groin
Nursery Update: Started a countdown on her chalkboard, pictures below

Baby Hazley is the size of a Pineapple

Before my work Christmas party!

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